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Shades of Vogue and Dust of Snow

Indians are really fond of the Winter. For us it’s not just a trivial season it’s a festival. Because
in India Winter starts during the period from Diwali festival and ends by the Holi festival. So for us,
winter season starts with light and ends with colors. During this special season, we are very much
concerned about one thing, Appearance! We need clothes that are trendy as well as comfortable.
India is still trying very hard to create a niche for itself in the world’s fashion scene. So as a
developing fashion country, the trend and fashion sense of Indians are also changing.


During this cold season, people prefer to wear tight clothes and thick clothes. In many places,
people cannot go without woolen clothes. So we need special clothing which can make us wrap up
and stay cozy along with some colors of the festival season. The way of insulating body from the
cold is to use multiple layers of clothing. The first layer must be made of a material, which permits
the sweat to vaporize. The second layer of defense can include clothes like Zippered Jerseys, mock
turtlenecks or T-shirts which have the capability to defect the cold air.

Sweaters and coats are the first things come to our mind when we think about winter. From plain
Sheep Wool and cotton sweaters which were just a medium to stay warm, sweater trends changed
to sweaters with brights, stripes, cardigans, slogans etc… Coats naturally have a starring role in the
winter season. From the transitional nylon macs to the quilted jackets there are coats for every
temperature and style. The list of winter wears cannot be delimited with sweater and jacket it includes a lot more like caps and gloves or mittens.

Only we can change our life and appearance, so let’s move on from the old fashioned winter looks to more classy looks for this new winter season.let’s start riding the change of wave in the world of clothing together. What are you waiting for! Purchase your winter wear today itself, and be more stylish in this festive season…


~Krishna P


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