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Top 10 Premium Watch Brands


Time is the best teacher, it teaches us to value life and things around us. You will never find the right time for anything, if you want to do it, make time for it and a human with a watch knows the value of time. Buying a watch is very important, it says a lot about a person. They symbolize style, personality, and individual branding. A watch is just not an accessory, it reflects your character. If you want to make your personal style more alluring make sure get the precise brand of watch for yourself. There are some great timers at lower expense, but having an understanding of top luxury brands can help you to find your own style notions for watches and direct you to more elegant in your own way.

Top 10 Premium Watch Brands


One of the most named watch brand in the market, which owns a special place in every wardrobe. The first waterproof, dust proof watch oyster and the first automatic winding watch is from the collection of Rolex. Rolex watches are appreciated for their craftsmanship and reliability. The iconic figures like Martin Luther king Dalai Lama, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley have been known to sport Rolex watches.

Price range: $5,000-$680,000



The Patek Philippe brand is at the top of luxury watchmaking. Patek Philippe is known for making great timepieces which are backed by the extreme level of proficiency, richness, and novelty. Naturally, many of their watches get the pretty great amount of money. This is as timeless as time can get. Their watches are known for their craftsmanship, discreet design and masterful complications.

Price range: $17,000-$1.3 million



Lange &Söhne has cleaned the watches of the competition since the mid-nineteenth century Founded in Germany by Ferdinand Adolph Lange. As such, its pocket watches remain the quintessence of technical success.

In 1990, 145 years after the founding of A. Lange &Söhne, the great-grandson of Ferdinand Lange returned the brand to the brand. Since his resurrection, the company has been acquired by the Richemont group and has achieved enormous success. With the exception of some limited edition pieces, each A. Lange &Söhne watch operates in a large mechanical movement developed and assembled internally. The cases are often made of platinum or various shades of gold, while the faces retain a highly Teutonic aesthetic.

Price range: $18,000-$2.5 million



Arnold & Son belongs to a select group of watchmaking companies in Switzerland. The brand’s ability to develop and produce internal movements is reflected in an impressive collection of Arnold & Son calibers with a full range of sophisticated complications.

$15,000 -$ 2.3 million



AudemarsPiguet (French pronunciation: [odmaʁpiɡɛ]) is a Swiss manufacturer of mechanical watches founded in 1875. AudemarsPiguet started in the Joux valley. Jules Louis Audemars has partnered with Edward AugustePiguet. Both were former watchmakers. Audemars has created complicated blank watch movements for other manufacturers. Piguet specialized in the final adjustment of watches. They shared responsibilities when they started their own company. Audemars was responsible for the technical and production aspects, while Piguet focused on sales and management. One of his first successes was the creation of the first wristwatch repeater in 1892.

Price range: $16,000-$1.3 million



Owned by the Richemont group, Vacheron Constantin. Started business in 1755 in Geneva with

The 24-year-old watchmaker, Jean-Marc Vacheron. The highly sought Vacheron Constantin watches, combine the best in design, craftsmanship, complications, and heritage. With precise details next to traditional forms and styles, these watches are different from the others.

Price range: $18,000 -$6.5 million



Abraham-Louis Breguet, a budding watchmaker, founded his company in Paris in 1775. Breguet sought to combine beautiful design with innovative technology. Breguet invented the first wristwatch, the first automatic winding watch and more.

Price range: $7,000-$420,000


Baume et Mercier

Not all the best luxury watches have to cost very high. If you are looking forward to a watch brand with high quality and less expense best choice is Baume et Mercier. With the backing of almost 200 years of experience and a good amount of testimonials from celebrities (both male and female), their watches combine the best in sport and style and traditionally.these visually stunning brand are for those who are looking for elegant mid-range luxury watch.

Price range: $2000 and $5000



Seiko is a Japanese holding company that holds subsidiaries which assemblies and trades watch, clocks, electronic devices etc. They were the official timekeepers for the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games held in the United States in 2002. Seiko has several lines such as the Seiko “5” series and the luxury “Credor,” “King Seiko,” and “Grand Seiko” series. In Seiko “5” series the 5 represent features of the watch like automatic winding, day and date display in a single window, rare at the time, water resistant, recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position and durable case and bracelet.

Price range: $45 and $554,000


Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross was launched in 1992 and has since been killing the market with its timepiece. Basically, Bell & Ross produces high strength watches that are normally intended for a specific profession or demographic, but they can still be used and appreciated by anyone with good taste.

Price range: $1000 and $10000


 ~Krishna P


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